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True Modern Democracy

Barry and Josh

Democracy started a real long time ago, literally the stone age, and then, and even in the recent past, it was needed! Representation of the people, for the people, by the people….. yea yea yea….Welcome to a new day and age. The way we see it, a room full of trained monkeys could do just as good of a job…. or far better than the current leaders at the least!Imagine if just about everything was voted on using the wide world web? Yea, the feds tell us it’s not secure, but they can’t believe that, or they wouldn’t have me pay my taxes online!What if being. the leader, be it President, Prime Minister or Premier, was semi along the lines of just duty? (tee hee hee, made ya say duty) Sure there’d be rules, restrictions and more…. but we believe it possible!We can hardly wait to fill you in with our wackadoodle crazy plans for democracy with skulduggery and shenanigans, and just enough logic for it all to make sense!